Exporting Reports to an SQL Database

DiskSorter Ultimate provides the ability to submit file classification reports into a centralized SQL database through the ODBC database interface. Reports may be submitted to an SQL database using the main GUI application or the command line utility, which may be used to perform periodic file classification operations on multiple servers or desktop computers while submitting all reports to a centralized SQL database.

The report database dialog displays reports that were submitted to the database and allows one to search reports by the report title, host name, date or directories that were processed. For each report in the database, DiskSorter displays the report date, time, host name, directories that were processed, the amount of files and storage space the report refers to and the report title. In order to open a report, just click on the report item in the report database dialog.

In order to connect DiskSorter to an SQL database, the user is required to define an ODBC data source in the computer where DiskSorter is installed on and to specify the ODBC data source in the DiskSorter options dialog. Open the options dialog, select the 'Database' tab, enable the ODBC interface and specify a valid user name and password to connect DiskSorter to an SQL database.

In order to export a report to an SQL database, press the 'Save' button on the results dialog and select the 'SQL Database' format. In addition, the user is provided with the ability to use the command line utility, which is available in DiskSorter Ultimate, to export reports to an SQL database.