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DiskSorter Server File Classification Reports

For each file classification operation, DiskSorter Server saves an individual file classification report. In order to open the last report, just click on the required file classification command link displayed on the DiskSorter Server home page. In order to browse all reports, press the 'Reports' button located on the DiskSorter Server home page.

DiskSorter Server allows one to filter file classification reports by the command name, host name, date and input directories. In order to filter file classification reports, select an appropriate filter located on the bottom side of the reports page and then select a filter value.

When a report filter is active, DiskSorter Server displays the number of filtered reports in the reports page caption and shows reports matching the selected report filter in the reports view. In order to reset the currently selected report filter, select the 'Show All' filter value in the report filer located on the bottom side of the reports page.

By default, DiskSorter Server keeps a history of 10 last reports for each file classification command. Reports are saved in the reports directory, which may be configured on the 'Reports' settings page. In order to open a file classification report listed in the reports view, click on the required report ID link.

DiskSorter Server provides the ability to export file classification reports to a number of standard formats such as HTML, PDF, XML, Excel CSV and text. In order to export a report to one of the standard formats, press an appropriate 'Save' button located in the 'Tools' column.